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All things come to an end and, after 13 years and 70+ releases, the alt.vinyl label is to close with immediate effect.
Its been great to have been a part of a global independent music community but the time is right..this cycle has come to a close. At the risk of a long post I'd just like to thank all those artists that alt.vinyl has had the pleasure to work with and release over the years:
volcano the bear, astral social club, sticky foster, united light, tight meat duo, prurient, jazzfinger, anla courtis, robedoor, zoviet france, graveyards, jim harold & matt sansom, mv & ee, gareth davis & steven r smith, demons, hive mind, vom grill, family elan, nalle, second family band, marcia bassett & helena espvall, anahita, burial hex, kinit her, skeleton birds & the number of god, spectral armies, steffen basho-junghans, meg baird, fern knight, arborea, glenn jones, cian nugent, rahim alhaj, microphones, bishop allen, golden boots, paleo, circulation of light, diva dompe, blackblack, winter family, brb>voicecoil, invisible sports, hapsburg braganza, the one ensemble of daniel padden, nick mott, rhodri davies, rejections, control unit, winter north atlantic, midnight doctors, richard dawson, riel, eostre, liz allbee & burkhard beins, karl bosmann, john butcher & gino robair, nikos veliotis & xavier charles, c. joynes, spires that in the sunset rise, fossil aerosol mining project, alberto boccardi & maurizio abate, kiila, sam grant, luminance ratio, hen ogledd, air cushion finish & lichens, and akatombo..
thanks to all of you out there, customers, supporters, press, stockists who have supported the label in your own has meant a lot.. Its been a trip...thanks for everything...graham/alt.vinyl.
for a limited time ALL stock on this site (excl consignment stock) will be 50% off. just order as normal and we'll deduct the 50% and send a paypal invoice. please buy as much as you can..better for this stuff to be on a turntable than in a box! g
featured titles

the north sea - almost perfect illusion
the north sea almost perfect illusion

limited to 100 copies. more >

format: Cassette price: £6.00 more by this artist > label: blackest rainbow >    

grass magic - s/t
grass magic s/t

. more >

format: LP price: £13.00 more by this artist > label: earjerk >    

pink reason - winona
pink reason winona

. more >

format: 7 Inch price: £6.00 more by this artist > label: woodsist >    

diplo - fuji wija
diplo fuji wija

. more >

format: 12 Inch price: £6.00 more by this artist > label: honest jons >    

zaimph - s/t
zaimph s/t

. more >

format: 7 Inch price: £4.50 more by this artist > label: arbor records >    

pentemple - sunn 0))) presents..
pentemple sunn 0))) presents..

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format: CD price: £13.50 more by this artist > label: southernlord >    
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keep your eyes peeled over the next few days. A very special alt.vinyl release will be announced...and you will NEED it!!!!

over the next 4 weeks we have a bunch of lovely wax coming your way. the 33 Chatsworth Rd EP by C.Joynes, Beasts in the Garden LP by Spires that in the sunset rise, Coma LP & Art box by Karl Bosmann, and Kaspian Black LP by nikos veliotis and xavier charles.

alt.vinyl is part of a new show at Baltic 39 called Curves of the Needle celebrating the intersection of art and vinyl..something we believe in here! we'll be exhibiting alongside zoviet*france, rhodri davies, christian marclay, graham dolphin, philip jeck, x-ray audio and loads more. Also check out the live gig by zoviet*france at the Baltic on monday 4th may

we are totally blown away by the great artists we will be working with next year. look out for releases by rhodri davies, daniel padden, aaron moore, blackblack, circle, voice of the seven woods, hapsburg braganza, brb>voicecoil and more..

if you are craving a little face to face action from alt.v then get yerself down to any of the above fests..we will have boxes of the usual sonic goodies for your eyes and ears to melt over..

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