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we are totally blown away by the great artists we will be working with next year. look out for releases by rhodri davies, daniel padden, aaron moore, blackblack, circle, voice of the seven woods, hapsburg braganza, brb>voicecoil and more..

if you are craving a little face to face action from alt.v then get yerself down to any of the above fests..we will have boxes of the usual sonic goodies for your eyes and ears to melt over..

from mid 2010 alt.vinyl will be online only for its store and label. we had a big bash to see off our 6 years in our newcastle store..thanks to all who played on the night and most of all to all our regulars and friends..we'll see you in cyberspace

new out this year - releases by steven r smith & gareth davis, family elan and nalle. upcoming in the next few months more wax goodness by second family band, two helena espvall (espers) collaborations with tara burke (fursaxa) and marcia bassett (zaimph). following that we have two volcano the bear linked releases (one featuring jazzfinger) and a gem of a record featuring early wooden wand recordings... sign up to our newsletter or to facebook to hear more..

Graham: PINK NOISE 'Graffiti Youth' LP SUN ARAW 'Heavy Deeds' LP BILL ORCUTT 'A New Way To Pay Old Debts' LP JULIAN LYNCH 'Orange You Glad' LP EL-G 'Capitaine Present 5' LP VIBES 'Psychic' 7" TOPAZ RAGS 'Capricorn Born Again' LP NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS 'Shadow kingdom' 2xCD / 3xLP GOD IN HACKNEY s/t triangular lathe WOVOKA 'I & II' 2xLP Ben: DEATHSPELL OMEGA / SVEST 'Veritas Diaboli Manet In Aeternum' LP HELL 'Teufelswerk' 2xCD / 3xLP VOLTIGEURS s/t CD PRURIENT 'Rose Pillar' LP+Book EYEBALLS 'Thief Of Men' CD OMAR SOULEYMAN 'Dabke 2020' MAJOR LAZER 'Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do' CD / LP GOD IN HACKNEY s/t triangular lathe GRAVEYARDS 'Screwed And Chopped' LP WORMSBLOOD 'mastery Of Creation Demos' CD Rich: HELL 'Teufelswerk' 2xCD / 3xLP DOOM 'Born Like This' CD / 2xLP BONG 'Bethmoora' 2xCD BLACK METEORIC STAR s/t CD MOS DEF 'The Ecstatic' CD / LP AAVIKKO 'Novo Atlantis' CD / LP GROUP DOUEH 'Treeg Salaam' CD / LP TLAHOUN GESSESSE '1940 - 2009' LP MOUNT ERRIE 'Wind's Poem' CD / LP CIRCLE 'Triumph' 2xCD / 2xLP ELIANE RADIGUE 'Triptych' CD V/A 'Sound Of Wonder' CD / 2xLP TEMPA T 'Next Hype' 12"

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